Handmade Gourd - Spirit Bear/Salmon


Handmade Gourd - Spirit Bear/Salmon
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Handmade gourd by Westbank First Nation Artist Janine Lott. "Gourds carry a rich history and have played an essential role in the daily life of ancient societies. Gourds carry knowledge and wisdom from the past and have shaped the human experience for thousands of years." Grown in her garden, Janine takes these beautiful organic vessel through a process to include a drying process, scraping, burning, painting and shaping. The end results depict Syilx culture. Each gourd is a beautiful piece of work representing hours of loving artistic Syilx work. 

The bear and salmon represent the sensitive and important reciprocal ecological balance of sustainability that is integral in Syilx cultural traditions.

Authentic Local Indigenous Art

The Syilx Trail Gift Store and Gallery is at the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley located at Lake Okanagan Shopping Mall on WFN lands, unceded traditional territories of the Syilx People. Our mission is to prioritize the sale of authentic local indigenous art with WFN band members while educating the customer about the story of the artwork.