Cori Derickson

Cori Derickson


Cori holds a Masters of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary), and is both an Artist and Holistic Practitioner who lives in Syilx Territory, British Columbia. She is of Okanagan/Colville/Arrow Lakes, Nez Perce, Hawaiian and Irish descent. She is also a proud mother and grandmother with one great grand nephew.

A multi-interdisciplinary artist with international experience, Cori traveled to Peru, France and the Mid West USA to share her artistic practice. She is one of the only few female Eagle Dancer’s in the world. Her artistic practice include dance, sculpture, painting, photography, music, song, writing, animation and production of multi-media works.

“In 2010 I lost my dear son, Makwala, to a bullriding accident. It was the worst thing imaginable to endure. I turned to the arts as a tool to heal my life. Through art and ceremony I connected to the spirit world to create beauty in artistic ways to share with the world. The practice is comparable to the spitzen (a sacred thread), which connects the physical world to the spiritual world. It is there that I feel comfort close to my Sunshine and the ancestors while continuing my walk here.”

Cori continues the work of her family through her academics and art including that of her Great Great Grandmother - Mourning Dove - Hemishmish (the first Native American published author). Cori’s graduate work includes the research of the traditional performance concepts of theatre based upon the captikwl, published by Mourning Dove in “Coyote Stories” in 1933.


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