Coralee Miller

Coralee Miller

My name is Coralee Miller and I have lived in Westbank all my life, I am of mixed heritage but grew up as an Okanagan/syilx in my community in Westbank. I love art and am working to better myself as an artist by attending UBCO. At the sncewips heritage museum I work as a museum assistant, my duties include leading and booking tours, keeping the museum space neat and tidy and assisting my co-workers in their departments.


I began working at the museum as a summer student in 2013. I would have never imagined myself working in a museum but I absolutely love it and it gives me a chance to contribute my artistic skills to the space. Working at sncewips has helped me learn more about my culture and develop an appreciation for our language and how important it is to support its revitalization.


As a museum assistant my favorite part of the job is providing tours and sharing our historical perspective with locals as well as people from all over the world. I believe in the vision of the museum and cannot wait to see how we will develop into somethings bigger and better.

So stop by the museum when you’re in town, I’ll give you a tour.

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The Syilx Trail Gift Store and Gallery is at the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley located at Lake Okanagan Shopping Mall on WFN lands, unceded traditional territories of the Syilx People. Our mission is to prioritize the sale of authentic local indigenous art with WFN band members while educating the customer about the story of the artwork.