Lee Claremont

Lee Claremont

Lee Claremont is Mohawk and Irish from the territory of the Grand River Six Nations Ontario. Lee received her BFA (Honours) from the University of British Columbia and now resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in B.C.
Lee has a strong commitment, enthusiasm and passion for her community, family and friends. She has recently retired from the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, an international Aboriginal College where she was a well-respected instructor. She is in great demand to mentor and facilitate workshops throughout the province and other parts of Canada.

‘From The Spirit’, a documentary series featuring Indigenous artists from across Canada and the United States, has filmed a segment on Lee, which can be seen on Bravo and APTN.  Lee’s commissioned work has been used for various projects both locally and nationally including the national CUPE campaign for ‘Water Connects Us All’. Lee was commissioned by the PAN/AM Toronto 2015 to represent Canada in a project ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’. The project involved artists from all the countries represented in the Games (41 artists) to paint a piano representing their country. All the pianos were upright but Canada’s was a baby grand. The pianos were then placed throughout the city of Toronto in public spaces for people to play them.

Lee Claremont exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally and her paintings can be found in government, corporate and private collections throughout the world. One of her paintings is part of a travelling exhibition that features female artists from all over the world. 


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