Idris Hudson

Idris Hudson

“2020 is the year of being open to saying yes.

My philosophy as a multi-sensory artist is that emotional healing can be shared through fine art. It was through my own personal journey that I first connected the healing power of the olfactory arts.

I began my artistic research and education in Vancouver 1995 - 2000, studying Fashion Merchandising while apprenticing with the Thierry Mugler luxury fragrance brand. 10 years service in the luxury retail and special event market taught me to be adaptable to drastic daily changes in work environment. Strict attention and a passion for the wearable arts.

I have learned to share my empathy translation in the addiction recovery communities. This exposure to healthy living allowed me to experience the Medicine Wheel as an alternative to substances and modern medicines. While working and volunteering with homeless citizens, citizens in active addiction and recovery communities, I was able to begin sharing what I have learned so far. I am proud to know that essential oil blends paired with the arts has a very empowering and calmative effect. This is where my true independent artisan path begins.

In 2019, I created a piece of digital art called “The Symbol of Unconditional Love” (TSOUL). I promised myself that I would use this symbol as an identifier of a product that contributes to community wellness in real-time. This promise nudged me to build a small essential oil product line, which I have been introducing at Indigenous Business Conferences, craft fairs and reserve retail location. The products have been wildly received at every event!

2020 is the year of saying yes beyond personal barriers.

My focus in 2020 is to grow retail opportunities while touring art collections and conferences. I will continuously be enjoying a small tour of B.C. towns with The TSOUL Squad to introduce the products in a direct-to-consumer role, partnering for retail & pop-up events.

I’m really looking forward to understanding the opportunities that can share my traditional languages, share the feeling of the Medicine Wheel and foster citizen-driven reconciliation. Learn my traditional Halq’emeylem : Stolo language, collaborate with artists and foster a peer-driven reconciliation.

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